The Chinese Bamboo Tree

bamboo-damyang-sunshine-54601A major problem with the world today is that people want instant gratification. They lack patience. They want their untold riches now, no work involved.

These types should take a look at the Chinese Bamboo Tree. To grow one, you need to follow a strict routine.

You have to water it every single day and fertilize often. If, at any point for any reason you are unable to water your tree it will DIE, just like that. Also you have to keep this up for 5 years. 5 years!

Day after day after day.

Eventually this little tree shoots from the dirt. In the next 6 weeks, this tree can grow 90 feet. That is no mistake. 90 feet, in around 42 days. After staying in the ground for around 1826 days.

What would you think if your neighbor watered an empty patch of ground every day? He’s a nut case? That’s probably what your neighbors will think. Or “that tree is dead. He’s wasting his time.”

Neighbors and others, once the tree shoots, will say “Oh! What a lovely, fast-growing tree you have there!” They’ll think you’re just lucky. But you aren’t, are you? You diligently applied a routine 1826 times, and it paid off.

If you haven’t caught on by now, this is the perfect analogy to success. As Tony Robbins says: “People are rewarded in public for what they have practiced for years in private.”


Most great people weren’t born great. Greatness was hammered out in a dark basement over years of pain. It was sweated for, for hours in some gym.

Finally the day came and they grew their 90 feet.

Patience, hard work, determination.

“Good luck” out there.


Credit goes to Les Brown, from whom I first heard the story.


Motivation Thursday

Ok so today I’ll be posting something a little different. I’ll be posting something that, if you are following this blog to get motivated, you might not need it anymore. It’s another blog post from some other site that states that motivation cannot be created by outside influence, but only within yourself. This is definetely true.

Here’s the link:

Anyway, let me tell you about my day yesterday. I was feeling incredibly down. Some days will be harder that’s for sure – but yesterday was a big one. After feeling down all day I received a phone call at about 4 pm. It was the car finance company to which I had to return my car since I couldn’t afford it anymore (times have been hard, you know?). My car sold for a mere R33 000, meaning I still owe R23 000 on it. Combine that with my R15 000 in credit card debt and I’m in a pretty bad place.

Still, I won’t let that get to me. I decided this morning to quit smoking, amplifying all the bad feelings too. I won’t let that get to me. There comes a point when you realise that even if times are hard and days are dark, things will only affect you if you let them.

I, for example, with all these troubles, feel even more motivated. I have debt to take care of as well as a little family – it just makes me hungrier for success. Even though I didn’t blog yesterday I still worked on my novel. I will be doing so every day for the rest of my life. Not on the same novel I hope but on writing, which is what I really want to do.

I know I haven’t got the worst situation in the world, but to each person their problems seem like the biggest. You already know how to get around your problems! All that “look past the problem” or “tell the problem how big your God is” and yadda yadda – the point is, I’m not going to go into that. You already know, like me, how to solve your problems. Now just find the means to do it.

If you read the blog post I’ve linked you probably won’t need any extra motivation for today, but I want to leave you with a thought. This guy quit money. Read the article it’s quite interesting. I’m not suggesting we all give our shit away and go live in the wild, but there’s a lot you can learn from this guy. You have to admit, his world seems pretty awesome to live in. (especially if you’re a natural loner, like me.)


Come with me on this journey.

Hello everybody!

For my first post I’d like to list my credentials that are relevant to this blog. I am a failure, pretty much. I am 26 years old and haven’t achieved one damn thing that I planned to when I was younger. Why? Because I’m lazy. Well, that’s about to change.

So here’s a bit of backstory to those who are interested: I was going to study mechanical engineering but my father died just before my final exams. This severely affected not only my final grades but also our financial situation. I couldn’t go to uni. So instead I landed a student job at a large South African company. It lasted 3 months before our contracts ended.

So here my job hunting started. For the next three years I got various contract based jobs at said company as well as some waitering and pizza delivery gigs. A lot of my time was spent unemployed. At the age of 21 I landed another one of these contract jobs. This one lasted three years and ended up getting me a permanent job at this company. The permanent job lasted about a year. June of 2013 I handed in my resignation. I was sick and tired of doing the same thing day in day out for what I considered at the time to be “peanuts”. My bosses couldn’t promote me because of Black Economic Empowerment (which I think was bullshit anyway – I was doing a managers job for a clerk’s salary, the company wins big time).

So off I went to forfill my dream of becoming a writer. Only problem was I’m a fiction writer and have real trouble writing articles. My money quickly dwindeled and I ended up moving to my girlfriend in a new town. This was planned all along but I thought I’d be bringing a bunch of money along with me. Nope.

Now, at 26, my third book and one that I actually intend to send to a publisher is a first draft. I lost three months of editing when they broke in and stole my laptop, our television and some other random things. I was gutted. I couldn’t find the will to go on.

I have been editing on and off recently but haven’t really got back into it until today. Today I decided it’s time to actively chase my dream. I can bitch and moan all I want about how life is hard and this and that but to be completely honest I’d sort of given up. Until today.

The motivation that I found came from a youtube video entitled “dream” (I think). I’ll pop a link somewhere if I can. (new to word press)

Anyway, after watching this video I was plunged into deep thought something along the lines of: there are others out there that are going through what I’m going through. I really like helping people. It’s one of my passions.

So, here I am. I’m going to find and share something deeply motivating every morning before I start on anything else. Come with me on this journey and let us actively seek out and achieve our dreams! I want every single reader, even if it’s just one or two, to confess their dream and make it happen – no matter how ridiculous your dream is!

I have many dreams. I will be focussing on three in this blog. I want to be a published novelist. I want to play at least one pro game of cricket before I die. I want to get a degree in mechanical engineering like my father wanted me two.

So again I say come with me on this journey and together we will make it happen! If this blog can help just one person to achieve something they’ve been longing to achieve all the effort will be more than worth it!

Here’s the video that I found so profoundly motivating today:


PS – I’m not going to be editing these posts so if there’s a few mistakes or bad sentences please do forgive me!