It’s Tuesday and we’re happy.

So close to the new year and endless possibilities! I bet 2015 is going to be one cracker of a year. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

So I published my first bit of fiction writing on Sunday! It’s a 9500 word short story about Warwick, a hero of old. It’s called Hope’s End and it’s about Warwick’s tale after he had been defeated by a group of Necromancers. He somehow survives this and the story starts from there. If you’re into Medieval/horror/fantasy, check it out! If you’ve got Kindle unlimited you can pick it up for free too. A review or two would be oh-so-appreciated. (They tend to help get sales :)) I intend to write at least 3 stories about Warwick’s journey, the series titled “Tales from a Dread Knight”; we’ll see how it goes. It’s planned as 5 but you never know! Here’s a link:

So how are your dreams doing? Going well? Mine are going horribly but I’m enjoying every second of the chase. Once we reach our goals what have we get left to chase, right? Wrong. We set new goals! We reach new Heights! Whether my writing does well or not, I won’t quit. I want to see my name up on that best seller list some day and that’s what I’ll keep striving for!

I have a sneaky feeling I might actually find a job in the new year. Big changes and whatnot. This will make a few of my current goals very unrealistic, but at least I’ll be able to eat something other than noodles for a few months. All it’ll take is a quick reshuffle and we’ll be back on track in no time.

My point is, if you ever feel like you don’t have enough time for everything or you’re being overwhelmed by the people in your life or whatever the case may be, sit down and adress these problems. Make a list. Make a schedule. Talk to the people in your life to inform them about your plans and how you have to spend your time. Especially a signifficant other; don’t leave them in the dark. It’s unfair and unwise. You have control of your own life no matter what anyone says.

Enjoy the last few days of rest. I know I will. The new year is going to start with one hell of a bang and it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Get ready, get yourself amped. Get those (realistic) resolutions written out and stick them to your wall/door/window/forehead, whatever you have to do. Make this your year. Make 2015 the one you’ll remember as: “Holy crap that was a kick-ass year in which I kicked some serious ass!”

Happy new year and, excuse the repetition, see you on the other side.



Where did Monday go?

I know we could all use some motivation on a monday morning, but would you believe it, I completely forgot to post yesterday morning. I have a lot on my plate at the moment – I’m drafting a business plan, I’m trying to stay ahead on my editing, I’m trying to support my little instant family. On top of all this we’re moving into a different house which is really breaking the bank, so I’ve been plotting ways to turn over a few quick bucks. At one point I was so desperate I considered selling one of my guitars! (I only have 3 and I’m super sentimental about all of them)

So enough about my problems, hope your week started out great! Monday is always a tough one. I, personally, like Mondays :). Call me crazy but it’s like a fresh start every time. A new week, new opportunities, etc. If you hate Mondays it would probably be wise to change your mindset. Monday’s are great if you make them so! The rest of the week isn’t too bad either!

Okay so, on to motivation. Quite a while ago I stumbled onto a video by (youtube channel) and came across this strange looking skinny man. I quickly realised this guy might just know what he’s talking about. He speaks of all things “success-y” in life. It’s pretty cool, you should definitely check it out. It’s very difficult not to get infected by his enthusiasm for life.

The video is titled How To Succeed In Life and yes, it’s a whole 14 minutes long, but it’s well worth the watch. Why not check out a few of his other videos while you’re at it? He really brings something interesting to the table with each one of his vids. I admit I haven’t done any research on him (pressed for time at the moment you know!) but he seems to be a success story on his own.

All I wanted to do today was bring you that video and apologize for not posting yesterday, so that’s pretty much it.

Oh wait! The business plan I’m putting together might change a lot of things. I’m going for a business that isn’t too labour-intensive so that I have time for my writing. The more I plan, the more labour intensive it seems to be; but whatever. The potential for profits is rather large! I’m going to have to get finance and, being in South Africa, I may need to try and find a black partner, but it looks really good.

I have much planning yet to do, lots of number crunching, but what I have on paper so far should get at least a few investors interested. So we’ll see. I’ll update on the progress every so often 🙂

Happy belated Monday and have a great week!